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About Us

Shawn E. Brown
Originated in 2007
With over 30 years experience in sound reinforcement and music we’ve engineered the audio for and set the party for a wide variety of events. Some of our faves are church, synagogue and mosque faith based services. We want to help people feel elevated whether it is in their souls or at a coming of age quinceanera, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah. We get completely enthralled in ushering in the mood music celebrating and highlighting the soundtracks of your life. Whether it is an anniversary, wedding, recommitment ceremony, commitment ceremony or backyard

Shawn Brown, Founder
S.E.B. Sounds Group is an all-inclusive resource for family, social, charitable, philanthropic, business and church events. Our driving force is making sure your messaging is loud and crystal clear, memories are heard and received, vision is expressed with tone and quality that compels participation by your listeners and your business makes a strong first impression. S.E.B. Sounds Group is obsessed with sound. Helping you sound good, makes us both look good. Because our business is 87% referral based our intention is to provide you with a level of service that makes you feel comfortable introducing us to those you are closest to


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